Autonomy and Ethnicity: Negotiating Competing Claims in by Yash Ghai

By Yash Ghai

Responses to ethnic conflicts in contemporary a long time have ranged from oppression and ethnic detoxification to lodgings of ethnic claims via affirmative regulations, unique varieties of illustration, energy sharing, and the combination of minorities. essentially the most wanted, and resisted, units for clash administration is autonomy. This e-book makes use of decide on nations together with China, Canada, South Africa, former Yugoslavia and Australia to discover the dialectics of ethnicity and territory as mediated by means of numerous sorts of autonomy.

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Because Canada has become 'a homeland of many peoples', federal policy has attempted to recognise this wider 35 RONALD L. WATTS cultural variety. A constitutional expression of this was the recognition of Canada's multicultural heritage in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms adopted in 1982 (s. 27). In the nineteenth century, most Canadians traced their ancestry to either the United Kingdom or France. Throughout the twentieth century, this pattern changed, with settlers coming from a variety of countries in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

The local, democratic forces to which autonomy gave rise were as much the victims of the anger and violence of the rebels as the central authorities. The grant of autonomy to Bougainville had helped to strengthen its links to the rest of the country, for it eliminated some genuine grievances and established a democratic order internally connected to the national system. There is little doubt that, without the 1976 autonomy, the rebellion of 1989 would have garnered more support in Bougainville - so autonomy has prevented rather than promoted secession.

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