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Automating ActionScript Projects with Eclipse and Ant by Sidney de Koning

. swc} in your build XML file, or use built-in or custom-created properties directly in your property file itself. To make use of a property file within your build file, you have to include it, or make a reference to it. properties" /> ... properties as its extension) with the properties in it, as described previously. So, if we were to put this into practice, the code would be something like the following.

Short and clear,” as my mentor used to say. It is also easier to extend if, for example, we want to compile to AIR, Android, or iPhone with different SDKs to use in one project. Now there is one centralized place to make modifications. We will use this standard throughout the rest of these exercises. Directly Calling the Compiler | 35 Figure 3-12. The Flex SDK content 36 | Chapter 3: Automation Figure 3-13. separator} To test whether we got the right paths, we create a small target to trace out these values.

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