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Atmospheric Dispersion of Heavy Gases and Small Particles: by G. Ooms, N. J. Duijm (auth.), Prof. Dr. Ir. Gijsbert Ooms,

By G. Ooms, N. J. Duijm (auth.), Prof. Dr. Ir. Gijsbert Ooms, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hendrik Tennekes (eds.)

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Fluid the upward is make and water vapor is described by the Boussinesq If the effect of approximation, the density anomaly (relative to adiabatic conditions) will also appear in the equation for the vertical momentum, and the two will have the same form. Thus the total term is simply the total relative density anomaly (due to heat, moisture and particles) multiplied by gravity. 37 From a computational point of view, it is simplist to carry equations for the density anomaly, the moisture mixture fraction and the particle mass per unit volume.

Schmidt and J. H. Whitelaw, pp. 295-302 (1979). Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. 5. Lumley, J. : The influence of buoyancy on turbulent transport. J. Fluid Mech. 84 (1978) 581-597. 6. Choi, Kwing-So: A Study of the Return to Isotropy of Homogeneous Turbulence. D. Thesis. Ithaca, NY: Cornell 1982. 7. ; Lumley, J. : Influence of time scale ratio on scalar flux relaxation: modeling Sirivat and Warhaft's homogeneous passive scalar fluctuations. Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Report No.

If the spacial variation of concentration can be reduced to a homo- 33 geneous random variable by normalizing by the local variance and stretching the length scale, then this corresponds to no change in the correlation coefficient. Lacking other information, we have adopted this model, and taken c = O. The third moments In [8] a technique is presented for the derivation of forms for the third moments which is based more or less on first principles. supposed that the turbulence Briefly, it is (in the energy containing range) wishes to relax to a Gaussian state in the absence of disturbing conditions such as inhomogenei ty, buoyancy, accord with experiment.

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