Anglo-Norman language and literature by Johan Vising

By Johan Vising


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The reason for retaining the name ‘dictionary’ [was] the wish to represent the book as a new version of a trusted work of reference”. 11 In the case of “ION (2), of Chios”, Sir Arthur W. Pickard-Cambridge’s shot for the 1949 Àrst edition was in the main allowed to stand by D. W. 12 They start with Leben: right away, the qualiÀcation “of Chios, but equally at home in Athens” at once strikes an arresting note, in this minimalist genre of comprehensive referencework brachylogy, where there is only space to be sure.

36 john henderson Plus he was really famous. So the story goes, he competed simultaneously and won at dithyramb and tragedy in Attica, and—the feel-good factor—sent the Athenians a present of Chian wine. We leave bibliometry at this point, for anecdote. This version feels like a ‘write up’, a second barrel for the library card’s formula ƱƧƲƫƤɝƩƵưƳ Ʀɖ ȀƥɗƮƧƵư above, taken at the leisurely pace of an expansive commentary, rather than compacted booklist (ǰƥƺƮƫƴɕvƧƮưƮ ȀƮ Ƶʧ ǸƵƵƫƬʧ ƮƫƬʦƴƣƫ involves double redundancy; ƧȸƮưɛƣƳ ƸɕƲƫƮ ƱƲưʴƬƣ is idle verbal gloss).

The Suda seethes with polyeidic projects and ruins, casts the shadows of a millennium: these thousands of pages teem with emperors Roman and Byzantine, heretics and swine like Epicurus and Lucian, with abomination of eunuchs, diverse doctrines on cosmos, senses, mind, change, voice and light, Hebrew patriarchs in droves and Biblical heroes likewise (Lot, Ezra . ), huge dilations on Homer, on Christ, Adam, Origen, Hypatia, and on Pythagoras, a rack of tropes and glosses, proper names and comic neologisms, even a letter of Anastasia the Martyr, To Chrysogonus, “and many heterologies”.

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