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Andha Yug by Dharamvir Bharati, Alok Bhalla (Trans.)

By Dharamvir Bharati, Alok Bhalla (Trans.)

This can be a translation of Dharamvir Bharati's Andha Yug (1953), some of the most major performs of recent India. Written instantly after the partition of the Indian subcontinent, the play is a profound meditation at the politics of violence and competitive selfhood. The motion of the play occurs at the final day of the Mahabharata warfare and is concentrated on a couple of bewildered survivors of the Kaurava extended family. The ramparts are in ruins, town is burning, and Kurukshetra is roofed with corpses and vultures. The surviving Kauravas are beaten through grief and rage. They lengthy for one final act of revenge opposed to the Pandavas. because of this while Ashwatthama releases the last word weapon, the brahmastra, which threatens to annihilate the area, they decline to sentence it as ethically reprehensible.

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This unrighteous war is over. But since you are burning with courage go spread your adharma somewhere else. 48 Bharati ashwatthama Don’t mock me Kritavarma! I am ready to do even that. But since you sympathize with the Pandavas I must kill you first. Come, pick up your sword. kripacharya Ashwatthama have you gone mad? Have you no sense of honor left in you? Put away your sword. ashwatthama Did you hear that, Father? I am the only one who seeks revenge. Dhristadyumna violated dharma when he killed you.

What man does at each moment becomes his future for ages and ages. Sighs. That is why Krishna said to Arjuna: “Lift up your bow, Arjuna. Fight without fear. ” He sees a broken bow lying on the ground and bends down to pick it up. Who left his bow here? Has some other Arjuna begun to doubt? Ashwatthama enters. ashwatthama That bow is mine. mendicant Who are you? Victory to Ashwatthama! ashwatthama Victory? Do not mock me, old man. This bow was as useless as your knowledge of astrology. I just saw Duryodhana whose head was once adorned by a crown of jewels.

46 kritavarma Find somewhere to hide, Kripacharya. Elated by their victory the Pandava soldiers are returning to their camp. The air resounds with the sound of conch shells. kripacharya Wait. Pick up your bow. Someone is coming this way. kritavarma Don’t shoot! It’s Ashwatthama. He had gone in disguise to see the final battle between Duryodhana and Bhima. Bharati Ashwatthama enters. ashwatthama Duryodhana was killed by treachery. kripacharya To Kritavarma. Hide! Enraged with the Pandavas Balarama is coming this way.

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