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Ancient Supplication by F. S. Naiden

By F. S. Naiden

This is often the 1st book-length therapy of supplication, an immense social perform in old Mediterranean civilizations. regardless of the significance of supplication, it has bought little consciousness, and no earlier examine has explored such a lot of elements of the perform. Naiden investigates the various gestures made via the supplicants, the kinds of requests they make, the arguments utilized in safeguard in their requests, and the function of the supplicandus, who evaluates and comes to a decision even if to satisfy the requests. assorted and ample assets invite comparability among the societies of Greece and Rome and likewise between literary genres. also, Naiden formulates an research of the ritual in its felony and political contexts. In developing this wealthy and thorough examine, Naiden thought of over 800 acts of supplication from Greek, Hebrew, and Roman literature, paintings, and clinical resources. 30 illustrations and a map of the suitable destinations accompany the textual content.

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74 The very language of supplication reflects this assumption. Ancient 72. And for the Continent, the websites of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the Karlsruher Virtuelle Katalog, and the Biblioteche nationali centrali of Rome and Florence. 73. A gamut of Homeric suppliants: possible runaway slave (Philoetius, Od. 222–23), king (Priam, Il. 477–570), priest (Chryses, Il. 12–34), witch (Circe, Od. 323–47), all noticed by Whitfield, The Restored Relation, 64–65. 3–4). 5–6). 74. A sample of Europeans from west to east: Spaniards (App.

64. 77–78. 65. ” 66. Books and articles on ritual in Homer: Whitfield, The Restored Relation, Pedrick, “Supplication,” Thornton, Motif of Supplication, S. Reece, The Stranger’s Welcome, Giordano, Supplica. On Homer and tragedy: Gödde, Drama der Hikesie. Dissertations on ritual on tragedy: Kopperschmidt, Hikesie als dramatische Form, Zeitlin, Ritual World, chap. 4, Burian, Suppliant Drama. A book of this kind mostly on tragedy: Beaujon, Dieu des suppliants. Lateiner, Sardonic Smile, is compatible with Gould, but draws concepts from psychology as well as anthropology.

A story of suffering, like this one, should give pause. It should ask why supplication was or is necessary. This page intentionally left blank 2 The First Three Steps in Supplication In the first three steps of supplication, the suppliant takes the initiative. He, not the supplicandus, approaches, gesticulates or speaks, and presents a request and perhaps arguments. At the fourth step, initiative passes to the supplicandus, who evaluates and responds. This chapter will confine itself to the first three steps, those belonging to the suppliant.

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