American Empire and the Canadian Oil Sands by George A. Gonzalez

By George A. Gonzalez

Throughout the U.S. oil and gasoline shale are being 'hydrofracked' to supply petroleum and average fuel. Oil (or tar) sands from Canada is being 'processed' – thereby producing quite a lot of crude. This e-book locations the novel fossil fuels revolution that's happening in North the US in the context of serious energy politics.

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Despite the worsening global warming crisis, operating through the Council on Foreign Relations, economic elites in a 2009 report identified the tar sands as contributing to North America’s “security” (Chapter 5). 111 Thus, it plays a particularly significant role on the questions of global warming, energy depletion, and the failure of the international politics of climate change. With the United States consuming massive amounts of fossil fuels through urban sprawl, energy depletion becomes a particularly acute issue for it.

25 Hence, the Alberta growth machine was ostensibly at the center of a policy-planning network focused on the oil sands. The province championed the oil sands in significant part through the Research Council of Alberta, housed in the University of Alberta. Walter H. ”28 Until the 1950s the oil industry had little interest in the Alberta oil sands. Paul Chastko, who documents the history and politics of the Canadian tar sands in Developing Alberta’s Oil Sands , notes the engineering challenge in extracting petroleum from the oil sands.

Furthermore, many of the directors and trustees of the organizations that comprise this policy-planning network are often drawn directly from the upper echelons of the corporate community and from the upper class. 59 Domhoff describes the political behavior of those members of the economic elite that manage and operate within the policy-planning network as follows: The policy-formation process is the means by which the power elite formulates policy on larger issues. It is within the organizations of the policyplanning network that the various special interests join together to forge, however, slowly and gropingly, the general policies that will benefit them as a whole.

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