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Allies (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 5) by Christie Golden

By Christie Golden

What begun as a quest for fact has develop into a fight for survival for Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben. they've got used the secrets and techniques of the Mindwalkers to go beyond their very own our bodies and converse with the spirits of the fallen, risking their very lives within the technique. they've got confronted a workforce of Sith assassins and overwhelmed the chances to smash them. And now the demise squad’s sole survivor, Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, has summoned a whole fleet of Sith frigates to have interaction the embattled father and son. however the darkish warriors come bearing a shocking proposition that would carry Jedi and Sith jointly in an unheard of alliance opposed to an evil extra historical and alien than they could imagine.

While the Skywalkers and their Sith allies trigger on their joint venture into the treacherous net of black holes that's the Maw, Han and Leia Solo threat arrest and worse to help the Jedi imprisoned again on Coruscant. Tyrannical leader of country Natasi Daala has issued orders that may open an enduring schism among her govt and the Jedi Order—a schism that can flip all Jedi into renegades and sought after criminals.

But it truly is within the depths of the Maw that the way forward for the galaxy can be determined. For there the Skywalkers and their Sith allies will have interaction a real monster in conflict, and Luke will come face-to-face with a spectacular fact.

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Instantly, like a nexu scenting danger, Vestara was on the alert. “More ships? ” “I said a ship. A specialized asteroid tug that could help us offset the gravitational pull of the black holes. It’s large and it’s designed with more tractor beam emitters than ought to be legal. ” Ben looked pleased and amused. ” Vestara was listening attentively, filing away everything. Luke didn’t care. He was not attempting to keep this information from anyone. “Hopefully not to Kessel,” he replied to his son.

It’s still Hutt space, officially, but they got badly hurt during the Yuuzhan Vong wars. It’s pretty quiet there now. You and your, uh, associates shouldn’t have too much trouble. ” Luke touched the console and a map popped up on the transparisteel screen. There was the Maw, and near it was Kessel. Hutt space was clearly defined, and sure enough, there was the Si’Klaata Cluster, consisting of Klatooine, Nimia, Ques, Lant, Iotra, Yoruibuunt, and Sriluur. Klatooine was firmly within Hutt space, but Luke was not worried.

Disappointment knifed through Luke. ” He did not regret his decision to ally with the Sith. He’d thought it over carefully and knew that it was the right one. He also knew that the longer one spent hanging around with garbage, the greater the chance a dianoga would show up. He wanted to confront Abeloth as soon as possible and be rid of the promises he had made before the Sith decided to turn on him, which was as inevitable as Ben getting hungry every few hours. Lando spread his hands in a don’t-look-at-me gesture.

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