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All Things in the Bible: An Encyclopedia of the Biblical by Nancy M. Tischler

By Nancy M. Tischler

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The Business of Martyrdom: A History of Suicide Bombing

The company of Martyrdom is the single accomplished historical past of suicide bombing from its origins in Imperial Russia to the current day. It uses a framework from the background and philosophy of expertise to give an explanation for the diffusion and evolution of suicide bombing over the last a number of many years. it's essentially a piece of synthesis intended to arrive a large viewers and endeavors to combine as a lot of the new scholarly literature as attainable, together with reconciling explanatory mechanisms that appear to be at odds with each other.

Protestants, Catholics and Jews in Germany, 1800-1914

Throughout the 19th century, the limits that divided Protestants, Catholics and Jews in Germany have been redrawn, challenged, rendered porous and equipped anew. This publication addresses this redrawing. It considers the relatives of 3 spiritual groups-Protestants, Catholics, and Jews-and asks how, by way of dint in their interplay, they affected each other.

Cities Divided: Politics and Religion in English Provincial Towns 1660-1722

The non secular and political background of past due 17th- and early eighteenth-century England is usually written when it comes to clash and department. This used to be the interval while social gathering clash - exacerbated by way of non secular enmities - grew to become an ordinary a part of English existence. instead of denying the significance of partisan divisions, this publication unearths how civic social gathering, designed as an expression of harmony and amity, was once frequently used for partisan reasons, attaining a top within the 1710s.

Interpreting Christian History: The Challenge of the Churches' Past

Content material: bankruptcy 1 The Unfolding of Christian background: A caricature (pages 11–57): bankruptcy 2 regularly moving Emphases in Christian background (pages 58–102): bankruptcy three Church Historians' Responses to alter and variety (pages 103–162): bankruptcy four a few Theologians examine the ancient challenge (pages 163–228):

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A man who violated an animal sexually was to be put to death (Exod. 35:19).

Fred Heaton 1956, 98) Agriculture is a mark of the settled life, arguing against the assumption that the early Israelites were totally migratory in their habits. Although they were tent-dwellers until (and even after) they settled in Canaan, they apparently stayed long enough in one place to grow crops for themselves and their animals. They seem to have had a pattern of annual or seasonal migration, returning to grazing grounds they found appealing. Among the things that delighted Abram and his tribe on entrance to the Promised Land was the abundance of foods already growing.

On some occasions, they looked like men, recognized only by special people chosen by God to receive specific messages—sometimes to encourage, sometimes to warn. Abram did not immediately recognize his angelic visitors as supernatural (Gen. 18). Lot served as host to these same visitors and thereby saved himself and part of his family from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 19). The angels then slaughtered the townspeople who had failed to recognize them or treat them with the proper hospitality due guests.

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