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Addresses by Henry Drummond

By Henry Drummond

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Thus [Maitreya l says, [He say s ] there are again three of them divided into small­ small and so on. [Ornament 2 . 1 9b-c] From the context, "of each" is carried over. , are again of three types. So the nine subdivisions of belief for your own welfare are small-small, middling-small, and big-small; small-middling, middling­ middling, and big-middling; and small-big, middling-big, and big-big. You have to explain the subdivisions of belief for your own and others' welfare, and belief for the welfare of others like this too.

Vere to become rec ip i en ts action, up to, the five of] the ten ways o f wholesome d irect knowle dges this turning over [ that takes no thin g as a basis] would beget greater merit [even than that] . 1kiira-vrtti b ecome Streamwinners, up to, Arhats, says, as above, that this turning over [would beget greater merit even than that] . And about the big he again, using the example of merit if each being in world systems in the ten di�ctions were to worship the same number of [beings, for the same length of were they to have set out for utmost, right and per­ fect enlightenment, says, as above, that this turning o ver that takes nothing as a basis [would beget greater merit even than that] .

That she brings about Ci grea. aim is from where [Subhuti] denies that she makes form, up to, the knowl­ edge of all aspects great or small, [that she s trengthens anything or weakens anything], up to where he says, [One should know that the perfection of wisdom has no own­ being, does not exist, and does not undergo the process that leads to enlightenment b e cause b eings, as well as form, etc. to the Buddhas have no own-being, do not exist, and do not undergo the process that leads to enlighten­ ment], up to, One should know that the p erfection of wisdom is not endowed with the p owers because the Buddhas are not endowed with the p owers.

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