A White Heron and Other Stories by Sarah Orne Jewett

By Sarah Orne Jewett

A party of the earlier in tales facing lady friendships and stories that painting the resilience with which her lady characters reply to poverty. contains "The city Poor," "Miss Peck's Promotion," "The Passing of Sister Barsett," "The Denham Ladies," "Miss Tempy's Watchers," and five extra.

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WHO IS A NOVELIST? Defoe was conversant with a wealth of English dialects, spoken and written, urban and rural. In addition to being narrated in the first person, his books are full of dialogue; they also quote advertisements and bills and documents. For our purposes, they sample the English language of the early eighteenth century in a prolific and unexcelled manner. And most important, his books were widely read. Thanks to Defoe, by the time of Fielding, Dr. Johnson, and Samuel Richardson, an example had been set of variety and inclusiveness in English narrative prose.

A poem must be remembered word for word or it loses its identity. ") in spite of the fact that they have only the dimmest idea of what the words mean. The words may have the power of an incantation even in the absence of comprehension. The memory, though, sets limits upon what is to be remembered. The history of epic poetry, for example, shows that poets used set forms, rhythm, rhyme, figures of speech, and already familiar stories as mnemonic devices to aid in both the composition and the transmission of poetry from poet to poet and from poet to audience.

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