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A Hunt for Optimism by Viktor Shklovsky

By Viktor Shklovsky

All started in 1929 below the name "New Prose," and significantly revised after Vladimir Mayakovsky's unexpected dying, A Hunt for Optimism (1931) circles obsessively round a unmarried scene of interrogation within which a author is subjected to a exhibit trial for his unorthodoxy. utilizing a number of views, fragments, and aphorisms, and bearing the vulnerability of either the Russian Jewry and the anti-Bolshevik intelligentsia—who had unwittingly turn into the "enemies of the people"—Hunt satirizes Soviet censorship and the ineptitude of Soviet leaders with acerbic panache. regardless of feedback on the time that it lacked solidarity and used to be too "variegated" to be known as a simply "Shklovskian book," Hunt is stylistically unpredictable, experimentally daring, and unapologetically ironic—making it one of many best books in Shklovsky's physique of labor.

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