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360 SYSTEMS DigiCart II+ Digital Audio Hard Disk Recorder

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D Is for Deadbeat (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries, No. 4)

While Alvin Limardo walks into P. I. Kinsey Millhone's workplace, she smells undesirable information. He desires Kinsey to bring $25,000. The recipient: A fifteen-year-old boy. it is a easy subject. So easy that Kinsey wonders why he does not convey the cash himself. She's virtually yes whatever is off. yet with hire due, Kinsey accepts Limardo's retainer opposed to her larger judgment…When Limardo's money bounces, Kinsey discovers she's been had tremendous time.

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XXXX) PRESETS are subject to the currently selected RESTART MODE. , IMMEDIATE or ON COMPLETION). Contents of a directory may be mass assigned to PRESETS by entering the UTILITY MENU'S ASSIGN PRESET from the directory level. PRESET 1 = 1 on the RC-210/220 or A on the alphanumeric keyboard. PRESET 2 = 2 on the RC-210/220 or B on the alphanumeric keyboard, etc. The alphanumeric keyboard's Scroll Lock must be ON for it to ASSIGN or PLAY PRESETS. Scroll Lock may be ON or OFF to CLEAR PRESETS. It is not necessary to clear a PRESET before reassigning it.

NOTE: The Stack Directory, S, contains only lists. 0 1 SELECTION ERROR and then it will switch to the cut level of the Stack Directory. Press the Left POSITION button and use select to locate your directory number for recording. 2. Press the REC button. DigiCart/II Plus will quickly scan the drive you have selected, identifying blank space on which to record. 0000 NEW_0000 PRESS PLAY TO START 3. Press the PLAY button to begin recording. 0000 NEW_000 DigiCart/II Plus Owner's Manual NEW_0000 00:00:00 Operating Instructions • 23 The clock will begin counting upward or if you are using THRESHOLD RECORD, the display will show: TRIGGER-XX DB NEW_000 00:00:00 DigiCart/II Plus is now waiting for incoming audio at or above -XX dB.

X DIRECTORY NAME SELECT DIRECTORY 2. Use the SELECT controls until the directory ID or name you want to use appears in the top line of the display. Selecting A Cut Once you have selected a drive and directory containing the cut you want to play, press the Right POSITION arrow once to enter the cut level. This is the standard operating mode for DigiCart/II Plus, referred to as the Cut Select mode. XXXX HH:MM:SS CUT NAME 48K AC-2 To select a cut, rotate the SELECT control until the ID/Name of the cut you wish to play appears in the top line of the display.

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